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CrossFit is defined as “constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains.”

Unlike your typical “Globo Gym” CrossFit focuses its philosophy around practicing and perfecting functional movements. These movements are composed of: 






Picking Things Up


Functional Movements are performed in everyday life, from sitting down or grabbing objects off the ground and placing on a shelf overhead. Learning how to perform these movements safely and correctly inside the gym will better your life outside.


Let’s talk about FITNESS. Everyone defines fitness in different ways. Here at CrossFit Loyalty our definition is simple….Specializing in not specializing. This is, in our opinion, best described by world renowned coach Ben Bergeron. Ben develops his programming around becoming a “Three-Headed Monster”: Conditioning, Strength, and Skill. In order to be the fittest version of yourself, you must feed all three heads of your monster equally. At CrossFit Loyalty, we strive to do just that by delivering you a program with equal parts of conditioning, strength and skill work.