CrossFit Loyalty – CrossFit


30sec Jumping jacks

50′ Low bear crawl

5 Divebomber push-ups

50′ Reverse low bear crawl

10 T-push-ups

30sec Shoulder stretch (ea)


30sec KB arm bar (ea)

5 KB sit-ups

10 KB glute bridges

5 Push press (ea)

20sec Overhead hold (ea)

Turkish Get Up

In 6 minutes work up to a challenging (Near Max) weight Turkish Get-up on both sides.

Then, D-load the weight by #10-20 and complete as many unbroken reps (with Quality) in 90-seconds on each side. Rest 1-minute between Sides

*4-minutes total for the max reps and rest included.

Metcon (Time)

Complete 5 rounds starting every 5th minute

•10 Kettlebell Swings #35/53 (M50+ 26/44)

•400m Run

•3 Ring Muscle Ups (Modify with 5 Burpee Pull-ups)

•200m Run

*Rest the remaining time*

**Time each round separately and score the Slowest round**