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Metcon (Time)

Murph Mile Odd Object Carry.

Below are your odd object options and penalties for each.

Penalties will be performed every time the object is dropped.

Box – 6 box jump overs (scale to a small box with a plate)

Single Dumbbell – 6 db snatches

Barbell – 6 Shoulder to Overhead

Kettlebell – 6 Goblet Squats

Plate – 6 Burpees to plate

Atlas Stone – No penalty, picking it back up is bad enough.

You may not use the handles on the box, DB, KB or the rings of the plates to help you carry.


Besides the barbell, all objects should be moderately heavy. You should have to break MANY times. If you are capable of carrying your object half way without putting it down, you are going too light.

Get uncomfortable and enjoy being outside!